Conversational AI that gives you better speed, accuracy, and a more natural experience

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TELEPATHY LABS supplies real-time, unsupervised voice technology that provides:

Natural-language conversations with customers via phone and chat

The control of your brand and users

Voice AI solutions for use with employees and customers

Solutions for sales, service, operations, and more

The use of real-time data

Substantial savings

Blazing fast speed to market

Customizations for your unique data, in your unique market

Data that stays within your company

Massive dialog capability

Zero latency

Access data in legacy systems

Conversational Products

Converse is a next-generation conversational AI tool that features the world's best dialog management system to engage with your customers on your behalf, using your data on your networks.

It consistently supplies the optimal answer to a question rather than simply supplying a basic search result. Over the phone or via chat, Converse outperforms others with its speed of response and its ability to skillfully navigate complex conversations. Because Converse deploys in a private cloud and accesses data securely, it provides the ultimate compliance controls so you can decide who accesses what data and when.

Query Products

Enterprise Query Broker (EQB) is a proprietary voice-enabled solution that allows access to data from a federated network of sources and aggregates the results in real-time.

Unlike traditional keyword search, Converse takes complex grammatical sentences, including context from previous interactions, to provide sophisticated, comprehensive results. EQB provides a single point of access to company data regardless of where the data is stored or by what systems it is generated. Using just a simple voice query, EQB instantly returns the information needed so you can answer your critical business questions, fast.


Don't waste valuable time and resources reinventing the AI wheel. Telepathy Labs has put together a team of more than 100 scientists and engineers including dozens of PhDs from around the world.

This unique, accomplished team of AI and database experts would be impossible to duplicate. Let the Telepathy Labs experts help you discover opportunities you may never have imagined to achieve extraordinary results that can redefine not only your company, but also your industry. With offices in Europe, Asia, and North America, we can service global customers in the markets where they operate.

Telepathy Labs consulting offers include:

Live Labs

We work with leaders in business on high-level AI planning.

Activities include whiteboarding, process and procedure review, advice on best practices, and more. Our end goal is to help decision makers determine how AI can best be deployed at their companies to capture the full value of their technology investments.

Rapid Deployment Consulting

The Customer Success team at Telepathy Labs is dedicated to ensuring you will have a successful, fast product roll-out.

Our experts will advise on data ingestion, data management, security, training of staff, and anything else needed to ensure that the entire implementation process is both efficient and thorough. In just a matter of weeks, our team can have your AI instance fully operational and producing a return on your investment.

Dialog Library Creation and Optimization

Drive a company-wide transformation and achieve ROI quicky, when you leverage the domain expertise of the Telepathy Labs team of AI experts to build your company's dialog libraries.

Allow conversational AI to be a source of competitive advantage for your company by expanding your company's natural language capabilities, and see results in weeks or months, rather than years.

In Market Solutions

Using proprietary AI-As-A-Service (AIAAS) capabilities, Telepathy Labs can create the services needed to solve business problems as well as build new products.

  • Large Global Enterprises: Telepathy Labs can accelerate the ability to solve complex data problems and provide software that works.
  • Systems Integrators and Tech Companies: Telepathy Labs can provide the source technology to enable systems integrators to solve problems for their clients.
  • SAAS platforms: Telepathy Labs can inject bespoke, licensable AI into any SAAS platform.
  • Proprietary solutions: Telepathy Labs is building dedicated turnkey conversational solutions for retail markets, including automotive, with the launch of STELLA Automotive AI in early 2022.

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About Us

Telepathy Labs, a pioneer in voice and conversational AI, operates a platform of speech, voice, and semantic technology. Through its offerings, Telepathy Labs helps Fortune 500 companies around the world create exceptional experiences through voice-enabled products and services, while helping them access their data and analytics via voice and natural language channels.

With offices in Europe, Asia, and North America, Telepathy Labs leverages the expertise of leading scientists and engineers to build turnkey solutions that simplify data accessibility and reporting needs.

Telepathy's Founder

The founder and chairman of Telepathy Labs, Josselyn Boudett, has 25 years of experience working in the field of artificial intelligence. Her experience in large corporate environments inspired her to found Telepathy Labs to build turnkey AI solutions that help enterprises pivot legacy systems into market-leading information assets. Telepathy Labs operates a platform of speech, voice, and semantic technology and is supplying AI solutions to Fortune 500 companies around the world. Boudett leveraged this AI expertise to launch STELLA Automotive AI to help automotive dealerships manage their inbound service scheduling calls. STELLA AI can answer an unlimited number of calls simultaneously, route calls, answer frequently asked questions and book service appointments. Boudett has spoken on the topic of AI and innovation at national and international industry events.

Previously, Boudett previously founded an AI-based search technology firm in the patent sector and worked at a global level with both Hewlett Packard and Lucent Technology. Additionally, she has helped OEM and Fortune 500 executives, government leaders and boards of directors understand and apply AI in their organizations. She is passionate about innovation, women in leadership, and conversational AI technology.

The Telepathy Team

An innovator in voice-enabled AI and conversational intelligence technologies, the Telepathy team includes over 150 scientists and engineers, including 35 PHDs, located around the world. This diverse group includes experts on all facets of voice AI, including digital technology, data and analytics, emerging technologies, and more. The cutting-edge team at Telepathy AI can help your company perform low cost, high reward digital transformations, keeping it solidly at the forefront of the voice AI revolution.

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Phone: 855 778 1181
Email: info@telepathy.ai

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